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Graphic Design & Photography


Ready 2 Biz offers Business Consultancy combined with professional Photography & Graphic Design.

We get your start up business up and running and help your SMB to expand and re-connect with your valuable customers.

While you are the expert in your own business, Ready 2 Biz will help you to create or flourish a professional and modern business image and with help of an individualised Social Media strategy we are keen to maximise engagement with your existing and new clients.

To help your startup or existing business to kick off, grow and expand Ready 2 Biz is broken down into three key areas:

  1. Professional Photography & Graphic Design
    • for your online and offline Appearance & Branding
  2. Social Media
    • to increase engagement with new and existing clients
  3. Training
    • to enable you to understand customer behaviour online

Love your Business

Fall in love with your business this Valentines!

…and share your passion!

There is a huge element of passion for what we’re doing and I am not shy to share that with my readers, clients, friends and family. – Well it’s easy to day hiding behind a computer🙂

How would you rate your own website and Facebook page? Be your own reader, guest, visitor and don’t be shy criticizing your own profile.

When entrepreneurs are caught up in our day to day business trying to keep on top of everything, bills, laundry, what’s for dinner, marketing, social media and keeping up to date with the latest “what’s trending” we tend to forget to mind our-self & shift focus back to our own business.

Take a step back.

Remember when you started your own business? All the excitement, passion & dedication… When you look at your website, shop front, Facebook page – do you still feel in love?

It’s very likely that your audience and readers feel similar. Good or bad.

...mobile vs. professional


While it is so easy to take a quick snap, upload and share it – it is just as easy to miss some very important considerations.

  • perception
  • goal
  • feeling

We are surely living in a rather visual world. It’s just so simple to share anything about your business using photos. But it’s not only what’s on the photo but also how it is presented. When you look at a photo of one of your competitors, what does it say about his business?

...mobile vs. professional


There are three rules you might want to apply when it comes to sharing your passion for your own business:

  1. Monitor your feeling when you look at your own online site (facebook page, website)
  2. Don’t “sell” your business to clients, introduce it to them
  3. Your shopping front reveals more than just the product you sell.
    • atmosphere
    • service
    • passion & trust

Love your business and share your love & passion with your readers, audience, guests and clients.

Be mindful with your profile and try and seek help with like minded who can add on your brand and help you display its passion.


It might take some time but it’s worth it I promise!